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  • Don't Fall for Their False Promise

    After complaining about our stay at the Whalers Village, and believe me there were many, the General Manager promised us, in writing, two 3 night stays for the many problems we encountered. A letter stating this was sent to both me and my father in-law. My inlaws were traveling with us and were helping assist with our four young children. Now that our children have grown up, and we are able to travel without them, we decided to give Whalers Village another try. Upon calling them, we were told by management our letter from the General Manager would not be honored because he was no longer... More...
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  • Worst travel Day

    So i booked 2 flights through orbitz one for my Grandma and one for my self.. this is where things get sticky, my grandma was heading to a surgery in Jamaica and i was travelling from Orlando via Miami to meet here in Jamaica. Now i got to Miami a little after 7am and was in constant contact with my mom who accompanied my Gma to the airport until i got the call that her ticket was cancelled..i then called orbitz and was on the phone for over 2 hours until they realized that the the booking agent (Jay) sent me a confirmation email of a flight before confirming that he did book the flight on... More...
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  • ORBITZ is the worst! RUN away!

    I was traveling to Washington DC for a meeting and needed an airline ticket. I went online as I always do when I'm shopping for a good price. I entered the date of my trip (June 1st through the 7th ) and up popped a some prices for different airlines. I picked the one that fit my needs ad was sent to a page with all the flights for those dates to select the time of day I wanted to fly. I knew there was a chance my appointment could be canceled so I purchased flight insurance figuring the loss of the fee was far better than the loss of the fare. After entering all my information I... More...
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  • Hotel Pennsylvania

    Probably the grossest room Ive stayed in . I was looking to stay near Penn for an early train . The room smelled of cigarettes or something . There was a pillow on the floor .The towels were messy . The carpet had stains . I felt nautious in the room I immediately checked out after an hour . The staff really didnt care . They said if you have any problems take it up with Orbitz its not our problem . Way to stand behind your product . I contacted Orbitz . Lets see how this works out . More...
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    I selected the perfect flight for my needs only to find out a short time later that the flight times/dates were not what I had selected. I had made reservations for a car and hotel all based on my flight and had to change all my plans. The cost to change one leg of a three flight itinerary was only $60.00 less than the original cost. Orbitz offered to reduce that cost by 50% making the final increase nearly 50% of the original cost. Not only that, I had a long awaited appointment with a specialist that took nearly 2 months to get and now, I will have to wait another two months or more for a... More...
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  • Messed up whole vacation package

    I will never book with Orbitz again!!!! call on 04/16/2017 to book a vacation package to Playa del Carmen Mexico told your rep the EXACT information what hotel, airfare and transport to and from hotel and the EXACT dollar amount of the total package and I get my Itinerary and She has shorted me 4 days of the hotel stay.. For some reason she booked everything separately and when I called to get it fixed your people are IDIOTS they can't speak English properly much less understand it.. I have been discounted, treated like it was my mistake and been treated just plain rudely!!!!!! NEVER... More...
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  • Worst Hotel on Hotel Haeven Lodge , Kuala Lumpur

    This Hotel is not promise as is on the picture , Just check in this later afternoon , got the key and the front desk guy said IF you not happy with the room let me know , I can change it for you " quote . The room don't have closet , toilet dont have mirror and have 2 little visited quests check in my room ( 2 mice ) , YES 02 two rats I should say . I will post the picture once I caught the rates ! They under my bed ! I will find a better hotel tomorrow . Book through Orbitz.com on this that give me a uncomfortable sleep with 2 rates walk in & out without knocking your... More...
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  • Orbitz

    The Orbitz service rep cancelled my reservations made 9/11/2016 as requested and made new reservations on 9/12/2016 to take advantage of a price reduction in fare. The agent made a mistake and changed the departure date from 1/28/2017 as posted on my original reservation to a date of 12/28/2016. The date change was not authorized by me. "Michael" in corporate took my complaint and checked the transaction history. He acknowledged that Orbitz had made a mistake and said they would rebook the flight for the correct date without any charges. The reservation was never made. After 48... More...
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  • Dysfunctional system/customer service

    I was given a voucher as compensation for them not being able to refund me the whole amount I paid for hotel after cancellation. I was put on hold for almost 1 hour while rep tried to get voucher approved. I was given case number and voucher number, but was told that they cannot email me the voucher or anything about the voucher. When it came to finally use the voucher, Customer service was unable to find the voucher number in their system, and I was told that I had to pay the full amount of the hotel first, and then email somebody with my voucher number so I can redeem it. No way am I... More...
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  • Layover of three and a half hours but two separate airports

    I booked a flight from Montevideo Uruguay to Santiago Chile with a three and a half hour layover in Buenos Aires. Unfortunately the first flight landed at one airport and left from another over an hour away. Not something indicated in the booking and would be impossible considering check in requirements for international flights I spent an hour and a half on the phone e with "customer service" to no avail. Went to the airline and paid a hefty change fee. I will never use Orbitz again More...
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  • cancellation policy.

    I flew to Seattle for a family emergency. I booked a three day stay at Seatac Value Inn. This hotel was 12 miles away from the airport, and 40 miles away from the hospital. The hotel refused to cancel my reservation and charged me for three days. It may have made sense to charge me for one night, but is ridiculous that I had to pay for three nights on a hotel I didn't even use. Multiple calls to Orbitz have done nothing to help with this issue. Beware booking on Orbitz. More...
    gregschaefer's Picture   gregschaefer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unreliable agents system

    To whom it may concern My father booked these tickets on my behalf and we were due to fly to Kathmandu on the 30th August how ever after the earthquake we had to revise and cancel our trip. June 19th my father first made contact with Orbits to have the flights refunded how ever you would not honour this request and he was referred onto the travel insurance he had taken out with Allianz, after further discussion it was made clear that the policy did not cover natural disaster. After he was told about this he then got back in communication with an Orbitz agent whom advised he could change... More...
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  • Orbitz - Non-working promo code and non-helpful staff

    Booked a hotel through Orbitz using their 15% off promo code and the discout was not taken off when I tapped confirm. Immediately called customer service & spoke with a pleasant woman who was useless. I explained the problem to her and she said there was nothing they could do but offer sympathy by saying "Oh we get lots of calls about the promo codes working." They definitely need some help on how to treat customers. Looks like I'm unsuscribing from their e-mails and heading back to Kayak & expedia. More...
  • Orbitz hotel screw up

    I booked a hotel in Mykonos, Greece 2 months ago for my honeymoon. I come to find out 24hrs before I was to fly there that the hotel did not have my reservations despite orbitz giving me a hotel confirmation. I call Orbitz and they try to call the hotel, put me on hold for 35minutes (i'm already in greece so i'm paying for the minutes that i'm on hold). After waiting the orbitz agent tells me that he could not do anything about it and that i needed to call orbitz again in the morning so that they could call again and speak with the hotel manage. Orbitz agent confirmed with me... More...
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    My wife and I booked a weekend out of town (110 miles away) through Orbitz. We got a confirmation and booking number. Upon arriving at our destination, we were turned away by the hotel clerk - apparently, Orbitz overbooked the hotel by about 6 rooms. Understandably upset, I called the 800 "customer service" line and was promptly put on hold. My wife and I sat on hold, in the parking lot of this hotel for 2 hours. Orbitz was not only unable to relocate us for the night, but we were forced to drive back home (2 3/4 hours) in the middle of the night. I requested a call from a... More...
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  • Four hours on the phone and then told the wrong information

    Never, Never, Never use Orbitz.. Pay more elsewhere. It will be worth it. We booked airline tickets and had to cancel/change due to an illness in the family. We were on hold for almost 4 hours trying to get a change. Then, in the end, the agent gave totally wrong information to us. I don't know if it was a deliberate lie or just incompetence, but it was wrong information and cost us big money. We ended up making a decision that we would not have made if we had been given the correct information. And no one seems to care. I will never use them again and advise everyone else to... More...
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  • Horrible customer service!

    Today I called orbitz to asked why my friends and I's seats did not save upon booking (now none of us are sitting together). They did not have an answer. I also noticed that my maiden name was printed on the ticket. I've been married for 7 years! When booking this flight I went into my account and CHANGED MY NAMED TO MY MARRIED NAME. It obviously did not save and auto filled in all my information when booking. So now I HAVE TO PAY a fee of $55 to change it. When it was orbitz website that did not savee the information. I WILL NEVER EVER EVER book with Orbitz again after that... More...
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  • Liars and thieves

    Yep they are lying thieves. They try to put, not refunding your money, or even partially your money, on the hotel and that is a lie. I booked one, last minute overnight, at 1am,for same day, & I tried to cancel by noon, because of unforeseen issues with the traveling party , and they told me that the money they won't give me back, "goes to the hotel" and that " it is the hotel's policy that they honor"! So, I called hotel about cancellation and they said they have no issues with cancelation and that the money orbitz won't refund me is not money... More...
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  • orbitz package vacation

    I have used orbitz often enough and this is my last time at this point. The customer service is lacking, they simply do not have the ability to assist you after you pay and book your flight. On top of this, they offer the updated text options that is supposed to give you updates on your upcoming flight. What a joke. It texted me that my flight was on time. I arrived at the airport to find out that my flight was in fact delayed for 4 hrs!! My hotel check-in time was noted as 3pm on my orbitz itinerary. When I arrived, the hotel told me they had a 4pm check-in. When I showed them my orbitz... More...
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  • Orbitz booking for Park and Fly -- with no parking

    Before our family's Hawaii trip, I researched park and fly options. Orbitz had the best price for 11 days parking with two stays at the Renaissance LAX, for two families with two cars parked there for 11 nights. I thought that I had printed everything associated with the reservation. However when we arrived at the Renaissance LAX hotel they said that my reservation with Orbiz did not include any parking at all. The papers I printed did not the documentation on parking; they also did not include any phone numbers. I could not find any to get support from Orbitz using my iPhone. The... More...
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  • Orbitz.com reserved an OVERBOOKED Hotel

    On Saturday Apr 25, 2015 I made a reservation to stay at Hampton Inn & Suites Houston Clear Lake-NASA for $148.68 while traveling for business. My Orbitz booking number: PBORB-669-862-0084. When I made it Hampton Inn & Suites Houston Clear Lake-NASA, I discovered the hotel had been OVERBOOKED for that night and they did not have ANY available rooms to stay in. I was tired, disgusted, and irritated as I had to look for another hotel in order stay for the evening. I ended up staying at the Courtyard Marriott Hobby for $90.00. It took me a week and half in order to get my money... More...
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  • Cancellation policy that ONLY benefits Orbitz

    I had to cancel a planned trip to Las Vegas due to unforeseen work commitments for travel scheduled for Thursday Sep 25, 2014 at 7:05 AM on BWI US Airways 647 arriving to LAS US Airways 1836 at 11:51 AM. My Orbitz booking number: PBORB-343-221-6084. When I attempted to book another wanting to use the value of the ticket as a credit towards my new flight, I discovered their would be a severe penalty fee assessed ($200 ), "convenience fee" of ($20) since you have to call the Orbitz toll-free number, plus the cost of the flight I would be booking. How is this new Cancellation Policy... More...
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  • NOT user friendly

    I booked an online reservation with Orbitz for a hotel and car rental two months in advance of needing them. There was no option to change car rental dates and differentiate them from hotel booking, but if someone needs a vehicle in one state and books a hotel in another state . . . obviously, it is going to be on different dates and sometimes, one date in advance is insufficient. I booked online anyway and called the car rental # displayed on my reservation. They told me they could not help, I would have to call Orbitz. Orbitz told me they could not help. They wanted to cancel my... More...
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  • Orbitz sold me the wrong reservation WATCH OUT

    IF YOU USE ORBITZ, GOOD LUCK! So here is the deal, I have no motive here other than I am upset with Orbitz and want to let people know what they did to me. Insurance will not cover a mistake Orbitz makes on your reservation. I purchased it for my trip. I booked a flight from the 14th of April and return on the 18th. I completed the purchase and got the itinerary details as usual in email. (I have been a customer for 15 years). Well lo and behold my return flight was set for the 21st. What?? I called them about this and they basically refused to accept any responsibility for it. I know... More...
  • orbitz worst cuatomer service ever

    I bought two tickets to Madrid with Orbitz, even though they charge for the two they only book ONE with the airline. I realized that when I tried to look my bookings in the airline site. After HOURS on hold and several calls for three days, they "solve" the problem. In the middle of my trip I checked the return flights and they made the same mistake! I had to hire a virtual aassistant to help me solve my problem. orbitz response a $99 discount coupon! ORBITZ NEVER ever again. More...
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  • Orbitz Misrepresents Properties to get your money

    I booked a hotel through an employers vacation website that was through Orbitz. The hotel was represented as being oceanfront with private beach and it was not. I wanted oceanfront for my 55th birthday and when I arrived and found it was not I called Orbitz. The representative refused to let me speak to a supervisor and they refused to refund even though they misrepresented the property on the website. I was forced to stay at the hotel even though it was nice it was not what I thought I booked. I called Orbitz on Tues following my stay to speak with a supervisor. After a long hold and a... More...
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  • Ali Emami

    I booked 4 return tickets with Orbitz website on the phone from Auckland, Newzealand to Sydney, Australia. I asked to make sure that the fares comes with a checked in luggage and a carry on which the person who I spoke with told me yes that is what each person can take. once I was checking in our luggage which they told us that we only can take up to 7 kg carry on from Auckland to Sydney but the return flight from Sydney to Auckland is fine. we had to pay an amount of $180 NZD Receipt number 24394801 More...
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    NEVER EVER AGAIN. these people will steal your money. they booked my hotel in the wrong country the hotels had similar names when I showed up to my hotel in Puerto Rico they had no record of my reservation and I had to pay to stay with them orbitz customer service is a complete joke. I was put on hold for hours talked to several different employees all promising me my money back. I was supposed to receive a call yesterday regarding my money of course that did not happen. they pretty much took my money and screwed me. tIT WAS there mistake telling me they have to talk to the hotel to get my... More...
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  • Searches never Finish on Orbitz

    With Expedia and Kayak I can search for airline flights just fine. With Orbitz, when I submit a search it goes to "Stand by ...Completing your request ...then eventually the search screen comes back with "Sorry, there was an error when processing your request. Please try again. I've tried using Chrome, Firefox, and IE. All have the same issue. Yet no other travel site has this problem. I even turned off my anti-tracking browser add-ons temporarily. More...
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  • frustrated from dealing with this website

    Don't book from this website i have been dealing with some websites like expedia for long time i didn't have any problems i had to use ORBITZ .com because they are cheaper than expedia they took the money for my reservation twice and the booking was not confirmed to them i had to keep calling customer services for 5 continuos hours calling from overseas and i didn't get any answer they kept transferring me over and over to hundreds of employees that thy didn't know what to do and they didn't do anything to help me with the correct booking i got frustrated and i... More...
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  • Broadway show ticket voucher not accepted

    RIDICULOUS!! Customer service is dreadful! I called multiple times over days to get a refund for tickets that we paid for in Aug for a Dec 22 Show in NYC for Wicked. ALWAYS did I get an operator who could not speak English. Always I found myself "on hold" for a very long time, while music BLARED in my ear. I MANY times had to re-tell my complaint. I could deal with different "supervisors" in the refund dept. I would get varied responses. I'd wait for a call back and never get one. I would ask customer service pointed questions which were "skirted"... More...
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  • Terrible experience

    My experience with Orbitz was TERRIBLE. The airline changed the flight, Orbitz was supposed to notify me, but I didn't receive anything from them. So I missed my international flight, and had to reschedule my connection flight. Luckily the airline (not Orbitz) was able to reschedule my international flight at no charge. The agent claims that Orbitz sent me a notification of the change in the flight, to my hotmail account registered on the Orbitz site. However, I did NOT receive that notification, and when I asked her to forward me the email they had sent, she said that she could not... More...
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  • Orbitz Never Again

    ORBITZ NEVER again- UNDERHANDED and DISHONEST, Treating Customers with INEQUALITY Orbitz is an unethical company. Please do NOT EVER consider using them if you want a pleasant trip or experience. I purchased airline tickets for the first time with Orbitz, for a trip to Patagonia and Antarctica in Nov/Dec of 2014, and it will the very LAST time I will ever use them. While in Patagonia, I got word that our Antarctica trip was cancelled due to boat engine malfunction. Not our free choice. Not under our control. We had no need to go to Ushuaia, the port city from which we would have... More...
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  • orbitz.com

    To whom it may concern, I've been on hold with your customer service representative for over an hour now and since they can't help me or ocme up with a proper solution, I've resorted to writing to everyone single Orbitz email I can find, complaint blogs & websites until my problem is solved, and hopefully you can help me. I am so completely disappointed with Orbitz. I booked a flight through Orbitz because I would get, i was promised $100 off my hotel booking, but when I was ready to book my hotel suddenly the promo code was not valid anymore which is absurd, I... More...
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  • No any information about booked passenger during travelling

    I booked ticket for my mother through orbits.com. She travelled yesterday from Toronto to London. She has to travel from London to Doha and Doha to Ahmedabad. She has to reached at destination at 2.00 a.m but she didm;t reach there until 11 a.m. When I called to orbitz representative, she told me that I am unable to find out your mother, where she is, in which airlines she is travelling? How could I expect to buy next air line ticket from Orbitz, when it does;t know the passenger status during travelling , and unable to contact airlines ? she was unable to find out my mother's status.... More...
  • Misleading pricing

    I am looking to purchase tickets to India for travel in mid-December. I have been looking on Orbitz for some time. They have been showing the flight prices at 999.26 (return) for the dates I am looking at. I have been trying to purchase these tickets for the last 7 days. First the site was showing there were 4 tickets left at this price (on Nov 3). Today I can see the same tickets for the same price and it says there are 2 tickets left at this price. However if I go to purchase, there is a mysterious 'error' and it kicks me back to the Orbitz home page. This is happening for a few... More...
    buckeye9906's Picture   buckeye9906    1 Comments   Comments
  • Changed flight and was NEVER notified!

    I booked flights for our wedding in St. Lucia back in February of 2014. We realized one couple could no longer attend due to a medical reason. We were finally able to get American Airlines to transfer the flights to two other family members. When my brother in law was talking to his travel agent about it, she noticed that the flight we were supposed to be taking out of Pittsburgh at 6:30am and connecting in Miami to fly to St. Lucia was no longer available! The change was made on April 20th, 2014 and ORBITZ did NOT notify us of this change. I found out less than two months prior to the trip... More...
    JENAHOGE13's Picture   JENAHOGE13    2 Comments   Comments
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