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  • Orbitz overbooking

    Booked a flight thru Orbitz, to go to Puerto Rico on 26 Dec 2014. I was going to my mom funeral. When I got to the airport I was told that I could not get in to the plane because my flight was cancelled due to overbooking by the airline. Most of the people were flight in for free because they were airline employee%u2019s returning home from their Christmas. I paid more than a $1,000 and the airline employee didn%u2019t care. I mentioned to the lady that I was going to my mom funeral and she looked at me like I was crazy. More...
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  • Never use to book flights

    I was looking to fly to memphis for thw weekend and after watching flight prices for about a week I found a fair price and decided to book my flight. Well when given the option to book through the airline website and orbitz ( which was only a few dollars cheaper) I picked orbitz which was the wrong choice. They offer you insurance but it does not cover changing you flight if your plans change, but that's fine. We'll I soon found out that if you want to pick your seat when you check in it was between 8 and 25 dollars each seat, so I had to pay for essentially 4 seats because of my... More...
  • Never buy ticket from Orbitz, a BIG RIP OFF

    I had bought a ticket back in Dec 2013 and had to cancel my ticket cuz of my sickness. they said i can rebook it within a year so i called them today on April 2nd trying to rebook my ticket. I originally had ticket from Buffalo to Mumbai round trip however i now live in Jacksonville FL so i told them from the beginning that i need a ticket from JAX to MUM. so the agent found me a flight and charge me $400 when i had already paid $2200 for the ticket. but when i got an email confirmation, i noticed she booked my flight from Buffalo to MUM instead of JAX to MUM. i called them again in two... More...
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  • Customer travel voucher

    Never again will I use Orbitz to book ANYTHING. I had made a flight reservation to go away Thanksgiving 2013. I had to cancel the trip and since I purchased traveler's insurance, I was told I would get a travel voucher. RIGHT. Might as well have cancelled and been out $530.00. I went to book a flight last night (March 2014), in hopes of using my voucher. When I reached the "billing information" page, I realized I couldn't use my voucher without calling customer support. What a mistake. I was on the phone for 58 minutes, put on hold over 12 times AND managed to lose my... More...
    emartoni's Picture   emartoni    2 Comments   Comments
  • Don't trust ORBITZ or US AIRWAYS

    Spent over 3 hours calling Orbitz and US airways trying to simply change my flight!! The US airways agent was NO help at all and when speaking with Orbitz they told me they suggest canceling my flight then I would have $250 credit towards a new flight minus the $200 fee Us airways takes. Also I thought he was being nice by offering me a $50 voucher. When it came to buying my flight, (mind you I did this all within the same day) They told me that the voucher was for a hotel! Which I don't need and that they wanted to charge me an additional $200 per person, on top of the flight fee!... More...
    kayseaann's Picture   kayseaann    1 Comments   Comments
  • Charged twice for payment

    I bought 4 return air tickets for my family trip to Korea but they deducted the full amount from my bank and even hold up the same amount in my bank. So am I going to pay twice for the 4 tickets ? There's no way other form of communication to reach there especially for customers like me who reside out of the US. The hot line doesn't get through and no reply to any of those email they contacted u with. The FAQ on the website is not helpful either. I'm not sure if this is a common practice as this is the first time I've booked through Orbitz. I don't see any... More...
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  • Orbitz Booked My Worst Travel Experience Ever

    1. According to Orbitz customer service, their system automatically schedules your rental car return ONE HOUR prior to flight departure so you may be charged for an extra day rental and there is nothing they can do to refund or credit this overcharge (I pointed out that no one cuts it so close as to return a car one hour before departure as that's not enough time to take the shuttle to the terminal and get thru security before the plane's doors close, but the only thing they offered to do was cancel the entire reservation that I'd booked over a month beforehand). 2. The... More...
  • Sold our room at $ 8.00 a night

    We received a reservation from Orbitz for 6 nights first night was for $ 76.00 and balance night were at $ 8.00 a night. Out of courtesy we checked the guest in and thought Orbitz will correct there mistake but in return they advised us to honor that rate.We advise all hotels to be careful and do not check any guest who walk in your hotel with such rate Orbitz will never honor it. It is a big lesson we learnt. Every hotel owner should be aware of this More...
    starofmumbai's Picture   starofmumbai    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz charging more to change itenerary than the flight

    I recently scheduled a flight to LA, California and another flight from LA to San Francisco for the weekend and then a final flight from San Francisco back home. Due to other family members not being able to fly in to San Francisco I needed to cancel the part of my trip to San Francisco. I thought this would be easy but turns out it cost $230.00 to change, and the original ticket will not be refunded. So all three flights cost me about 423.00, but now that I won't be taking one flight my flight now cost me 653.00. Now that's a business plan charge your customers for nothing and... More...
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  • Refund for airline ticket that Orbitz messed up

    I recently bought a flight using Orbitz back on January 26th. This flight was purchased for February 20th. When I went to check my flight status on February 16th my flight information said my flight wasn't scheduled until March 20th. I called and talked with Delta and also with Orbitz trying to see what the issue was and I basically got the run around about how neither one could make the change and fix the problem that was clearly in the computer system. I tried to see if I they could schedule me another flight or even reimburse me the money for the ticket that I did not order for that... More...
    joshacetribe's Picture   joshacetribe    1 Comments   Comments
  • Never EVER using Orbitz again. HORRIBLE.

    Myself and three friends booked a vacaction package (hotel flight) to Puerto Plata only to find out days later that Orbitz had put us on a flight to Punta Cana--5 hours away from our hotel. When we found out we called Orbitz poor excuse for customer service and were told that they were "not obligated" to help when we asked for a simple flight change. They also told us that this was our fault for booking online. Arent they an online travel agency?? After Pete the "Supervisor" was anything but helpful we demanded a refund for our whole trip. After about an hour of arguing... More...
    asardo22's Picture   asardo22    0 Comments   Comments
  • not what I ordered not what I paid for!

    Advertised fares for flights with stopovers were $685 - the stopover happened to be appx 3.5hrs, so I opted for the $785 fare with a 2 hour layover as I had flown this leg before & chose not to put my daughter travelling alone on such an arduous journey. SOMEHOW - we were given the 3.5hr layover at the the higher price. Orbitz refused to stand behind the advertised prices and explicitly said there was NO GLITCH in the system... well, the glitch is there - and I am being charged for flights I am now being told never existed - so why would I spend the extra $100??? This was my 2nd and... More...
    jrmenashe99's Picture   jrmenashe99    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz treatment of a US Marine

    BEWARE!!! SERVICEMEN & WOMEN AND THOSE WHO SUPPORT THEM!!!! Yesterday... My Granddaughter is across the country and on the street with NO PLACE TO STAY - ORBITZ LEFT HER ON THE STREETS OF SAN DIEGO! Be careful using Orbitz if you are in a state with severe weather!!!! A 22yr old college student made plans for a trip to San Diego from Newark and hotel stay at Days Inn. Her friend made reservations through this company. Due to weather situations beyond her control her flight was canceled and she lost 2 days. She is going to visit her friend - an a active-duty member of the US Marines.... More...
    SJSooze's Picture   SJSooze    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz uses deliberate deception

    On Sep 1st 2013 I purchased 5 airline tickets using Orbitz online services. The total fare was $4500 and the flight was for Sep 21. Before I completed my order I opened the fare rules page to check the cancellation policy. I read that the tickets were refundable with $100 cancellation fee per adult ticket and less for a child ticket. On Sep 5 our plans were changed and I had to cancel the tickets. When I called customer service I was told that the tickets are nonrefundable. They said that this was the airline policy and they cannot change it (American Airlines). They explained that on the... More...
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  • Orbitz, Holiday Inn Arenas Cancun and Sunset cruise

    The best part of our experience with this hotel is the moment we checked out and knew we were leaving and not coming back here. First lets start with the booking on Orbitz.com. The reason we initially clicked on this hotel because it said on Orbitz%u2019 website that it is an all-inclusive deal. Needless to say IT WAS NOT. It also said that we had a Standard Room - Lagoon View or Tropical view with Terrace. I let the updated photo below show you the view we had; Two huge cement walls and in between you can see a small chunk of the sea. One additional thing is the sunset cruise that... More...
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  • orbitz

    Like the other comments just a really crappy company to deal with def not looking out for the customer. I and EVERYONE I know will never use such a hard to deal with company. I will pay an extra $200 rather than use or deal with these crooks again! I booked a hotel in Denver, arrived and was just completely let down on the quality of the room so immediately left, hotel advisor promised me orbitz is great with issues like this and I will have a refund, not exaggerating 10 calls later jumping through hoops they did NOTHING to help. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE OUT FOR MONEY!!! More...
    kgub's Picture   kgub    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz refusing to honor cancellation credit - claiming it was used

    In December we booked a flight. We had to change travel days. Called Orbitz. Rep told us that the best way was to cancel and buy a new ticket because the credit could not be processed immediately. Rep cancelled old ticket. Had me purchase a new ticket using my credit card. Credit card charged for new ticket. Called Orbitz 2 months later to book using the credit. Now they are saying that the credit was used that same evening because the cost of the new flight was twice as much. This was never communicated. Asked them to produce recordings to show what was said in the conversation. No... More...
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  • Orbitz is rude and irresponsible.

    Never book a flight with Orbitz!!! 1 day before our trip I try to print out my boarding pass and they lost my reservation for both flights but had my kids & mother's. Told me that it wan't their fault. Hung up on me then when I called back and spoke with "Tracy" from their Philippine complaint department, she said she hopes my complaining doesn't effect my credibility. WHAT??!! Never again! More...
    madmom93105's Picture   madmom93105    1 Comments   Comments
  • Spent 3h on phone and got offered $30 voucher for $800 losses on flight

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. The Frontier airline screwed us with the flight, which i booked through the orbitz. I spent 3h on phone with customer support and instead of standing by their customer, orbitz's customer support offered me $25 voucher, and when i told them that its ridicules, manager gave me !!!!! $30 voucher. Never book anything through the orbitz and never fly with frontier. Even though it looks cheaper you'll end up paying much more. And the service is horrible. More...
    andrei1's Picture   andrei1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Incorrect Return Flight Booked

    I booked a round trip flight from Detroit to Ft. Lauderdale last week for my wife and myself against Orbitz record locator PBORB9533931024. Orbitz booked an incorrect return flight time: The flight details follow: Departure date - March 21st - 7:25 am ..Booked OK on flight 1604. Return date - March 23rd - requested return time - 5:40 pm from Ft. Lauderdale ,,, Booked incorrectly at 8:15 am - Flight 1904 I only noticed this after receiving a notice that the return flight was changed from 8:15 am to 8:00 am I called Orbitz and asked if my return flight could be changed to 8:10 pm since... More...
    rstefan1's Picture   rstefan1    1 Comments   Comments
  • cheap tickets and orbitz scam people

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. we booked a trip online with Cheap Tickets for $2916, ended up calling customer service to help, the trip then became over $3200, when i questioned why the price went up i was given the run about how Cheap Tickets and Orbitz were sister companies. I told the man i wanted to cancel the whole thing that was just (during that 1 hr call) $300 more was not what i had planned for. they refused to meet the quoted original price of $2916, which i could still do myself online. He then transferred me to customer service where i was then told they were going to charge me $25 to cx! in the end they... More...
    dmoses's Picture   dmoses    1 Comments   Comments
  • Never sent

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Booked a flight from LA to DC 3 months in advance - purposely choosing the red-eye flight to maximize time spent with my recently engaged friend in LA., Apparently a few days after I booked, the airline cancelled the flight and re-booked me on another one - 8 hours earlier (basically eliminating an entire day of my vacation). Orbitz NEVER NOTIFIED me of the changed flight. I only learned about it when I went to check in the night before the flight and noticed the new time. If I hadn't tried to check in early, I would have missed my flight. And then when I called them, they had the... More...
    KatBu's Picture   KatBu    1 Comments   Comments
  • Didn't deliver on Disney days

    Enter the review, complaint or question here and add detail so the Business can improve and reply to you through We booked a flight to Orlando, through Orbitz, for our Anniversary. Additional offers which were given at the time included two free days at Disney with the purchase of three days, which made this one of the best offers going. Purchased the three days, and changed them to "Non-expiring", thinking that my wife and I would use the two free days, and hold the three days to use later with the kids. We got to Disney and discovered we only had our three original days. Emailed... More...
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  • computer glitch

    I purchased two tickets for $2800. Wrote down times and dates before hitting the book button. Did not pay attention to the actual confirmation email. Dates were Dec 20-Jan 8th, the time off I had from my job. Computer bumped it from dec20-January 20th. Called them, they gave me their "72hr" wait. No emails 4 days after. Called again, gave me an answer on the spot. They we were supposed to investigate the pages before booking. BS!!! Never booking again!!!!!!!!! More...
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  • Orbitz.com (Flight Bookings)

    Insane. This has happened twice to me in the last 6 months. I had booked flights - once to fly 3 days from the booking and the second instance was 4 months in advance. After the booking on Orbitz, I went ahead and booked up all of my misc travel arrangements including stay and internal flights. A day/2 days before the flight, I check the itenanry on ORBITZ and I find that the flights were cancelled??!!! I never got any information via phone or email. I had to spend crazy amount of money to book another flight at the last minute and ORBITZ never took any responsibility for the same. More...
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  • Complain for Orbitz Servise (hotel reservation)

    When we arrived to hotel Suburban Extended Hotel we discovered that actual price for 1 week is just $249 but not $346 as Orbittz charged us. I've been explain that Orbittz always overcharged and not recommended use your service any more and communicate directly with Hotel office I was really disappointing because we expected fair service. I would believe Orbittz supposed to compensate price difference $97 bb record locator PBORB3688369704 More...
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  • Flight re-scheduled the following day of a flight booked 3 months ago!!

    I Booked a flight to Los Cabos, Mexico in September 2013. Its now December and decided to check the confirmation for my flight that was schedule to depart from Newark on Dec 9th. I then realized the site indicated the flight was re-scheduled to LaGuardia New York for Dec 10th at 1:45pm. I received no e-mail, nor notification it had been changed to not just another date, but also another airport!! I was told it was due to the weather, but when I checked American Airlines website to see if any other flights were canceled for dec 9th, it only indicated one flight canceled ( the one I was... More...
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  • Terrilble

    Very poor Customer Service and after I booked my Trip they send me an Email that I could have saved more $ if I waited which was just an advertizement ploy. when I went on to that site it takes you every place else except a deal. When I called they could not answer my questions & make me happy:( They aslo said I need to make a new Registration to get my Orbitz points that they failed to give me. Very terrible. Also every site has the same deals. Book through the Hotel to get better deal. Don't need these stupid rip off Travel Sites More...
    alanbr1's Picture   alanbr1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible discription of fare online

    Bought a ticket online, They didn't even post or asked whether or not the flight is required any additional Documents. So, If you don't fly a lot, I would not recommend Orbitz.com as a Ticket Purchasing Outlet. My flight Required me to have a Visa to fly through a certain Zone in Europe, which when I bought the Ticket they didn't even Tell me that I require this document. When I came to check in at the Airport, They told me I can't even get on the plane without this document. I must say that is some very POOR CUSTUMER SERVICE, if you sell tickets that fly through a... More...
    Minsk1982's Picture   Minsk1982    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz And Frontier don't connect

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. My daughter and I booked our flight through Orbitz.com, mine was from Phoenix to Detroit. Hers was from Salt Lake to Detroit. We found connecting flights in Denver. We were given seat choices that were not honored because we booked through Orbitz, not Frontier Airlines. I don't feel we should have been given that option if our needs could not be met. Also I looked up the carry on bags fees, sizes and regulations. Making sure we were within the regulations and sizes, went to the airport and had to pay for our carry on bag, because we booked through Orbitz. I think we got gouged with... More...
    jimnsam's Picture   jimnsam    1 Comments   Comments
  • Beatazg

    I will never again use Orbitz! Very poor customer service and company structure. Had to cancel package trip in April,2013, since I booked another trip to Europe with my credit payed a lot in cancelation fees and I am still getting e mails with my original trip from April. They don't seem to know what they are doing. Not to mention 2 hours 54 minutes on the phone with polite but condescending agent from Philipnines. I guess Us work force is too expansive.A lot of hustle, it would have been easier to book direct!Like I said never again I hope they go under! More...
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  • Hidden Fees

    I recently purchased a plane ticket from PDX to DEN. Flight confirmation says " Total due at booking, $383.60. Taxes and fees included". It also says, "Additional baggage fees may apply." I looked up the additional baggage fees -- one carry-on (24"x16"x10"), one personal item (18" x 14" x 8"). But this is NOT TRUE! I showed up with my son to check in. We each had a personal item and between the two of us we had one carry on. The agent demanded $50 for the carry-on. I was then told that to check it would cost $25. We will have to pay... More...
    BlueOrg's Picture   BlueOrg    1 Comments   Comments
  • Hidden fees

    I recently purchased a plane ticket from PDX to DEN. Flight confirmation says " Total due at booking, $383.60. Taxes and fees included". It also says, "Additional baggage fees may apply." I looked up the additional baggage fees -- one carry-on (24"x16"x10"), one personal item (18" x 14" x 8"). But this is NOT TRUE! I showed up with my son to check in. We each had a personal item and between the two of us we had one carry on. The agent demanded $50 for the carry-on. If I wanted to check it, it would only cost $25. This is a HIDDEN... More...
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  • Changing One Leg of Flight

    I tried to change an outgoing flight and planned to pay the additional cost in airfare, plus $100 airline change fee and $30 Orbitz change fee. The total came to $389, but I had to call the 800 number since it wouldn't allow me to book online. I was told the change would be over $1000 because they would have to reissue the whole itinerary, not just the outbound flight. I have never had this experience with an airline or third party travel booking site. Additionally, I was on the phone for 55 minutes, most of the time on hold. Once I reached a human, I had trouble understanding them... More...
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  • Throwing my money away

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Last month I booked a flight n had to cancel it i was informed that value of my ticket would be credited to me but I have 60 days to use it n now I'm trying to book a flight n they say their not gunna credit my money back n it's been 40 days so I just got robbed for 250 dollars More...
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  • False Advertising

    I attempted to purchase an airline ticket from NYC to Johannesburg, S. Africa for $805 showing 5 tickets left at that price. The site immediately told me there were no more tickets available at that price, even tho it showed 5 tickets left and that the new price was $956. What a ripoff and what false advertising! More...
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  • unfair car rental

    We searched the web, and Orbitz had a good offer for a car in Germany for three weeks. They even offered an Allianz policy to cover accidents. We paid for the insurance offered on Orbitz site and reserved the car. We actually contacted Orbitz by phone to make sure the rental car policy would be valid in Europe, this was confirmed. Everything sounded good. Once we come to the airport in Stuttgart, Dollar told us that they neither accept Allianz insurance nor our Visa card insurance and that we have to buy their insurance. They were not willing to discuss, either we pay for their insurance,... More...
    winsanfran's Picture   winsanfran    1 Comments   Comments
  • Be Aware of Booking International Tickets on Orbitz - They don'tell you the baggage policy

    I recently booked an international Ticket to Taiwan from Chicago to Taipei using Orbitz. My assumptions was that all airline allow 2 check in bags for international flights (which is true for most of airline) There are 2 segments from Chicago to SFO (United Airline) and from SFO to Taipei (Eva airline). So because United Airline only allow one checked in bag (which I later found out and paid extra money for the 2nd bag), which was never mentioned in the booking process that United only allow one check in bag for the entire trip. Although I did not fly United Airline on the way back... More...
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  • Orbitz.com flight reservation problems

    We booked our flights with orbitz. We flew from Hartford to Munich via Chicago. We had a number of problems. We are traveling with our 2-year old son with his own seat. We booked our seating at the time of booking with orbitz so we can all sit together. We also entered all our frequent flyer numbers with orbitz. When we checked in at Hartford airport, no reserved seating was made by orbitz. We had to spend a lot of time to try to sit together as a family. We had the same problem flying back. The airlines had no prior record of seating reservation made by us on orbitz. After... More...
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  • Low Price Guarantee

    I am really disappointed with Orbitz. I have booked at least 7 or 8 trips with them in the past year alone and consider myself a decent customer. 4 days ago, I booked a trip for my boyfriend roundtrip. Yesterday, I look and see the exact same trip on Orbitz for $100 less. Same flight numbers, times, etc. I took screen shots just to verify. I called customer service and asked if I could cancel my trip and rebook at the lower rate. I would even be willing to pay a $30 service charge or whatever because I would still be saving. The guy starts getting aggressive with me and tells me that... More...
    nikkirliu's Picture   nikkirliu    1 Comments   Comments
  • Allianz Global Assitance is Useless - DO NOT BUY

    I purchased insurance for my trip at the rate of $250. I lost a connection, and had to purchase a new ticket for $450. Allianz only reimbursed $150. Allianz only insures when a very narrow series of conditions are meet. First they took three weeks to process the claim; I had to call them and ask for it, and then they said, we are sorry we'll get it done today... which they did (this makes me think that they delay all claims until people ask about results so they do not have to pay some claims at all?). The problem is that you cannot read the policy until your purchase it. Shame on... More...
    jbgm's Picture   jbgm    1 Comments   Comments
  • low price guarantee is definitely no guarantee!

    We booked our flights for our vacation through Orbitz and the price dropped over $200 in the next 2 days. We called and spent over 5 hours on the phone with Orbitz agents and supervisors only to learn the only time you get money back (in the form of "OrBucks" non-the-less) is IF someone ELSE books the EXACT vacation as you. That's departure times and days, length of stay, airline, hotel, ect... When we called the airline company (aka NOT Orbitz) they told us, if we booked our flight through the airline company, they would refund the difference without any problem. So because... More...
    yasemin's Picture   yasemin    1 Comments   Comments
  • Immovable Bad Itinerary

    Purchased two round trip tickets to Europe (Multiple Cities). After receiving itinerary I noticed that the very last leg on my return home had only a 41 minute interval between arrival and departure flights and that they were in different terminals.in Houston IAH. That seemed to be extraordinarily brief. There did not appear to be even enough time for the rest room during that time interval. I contacted the Airline, United, several times. Their best was saying that if I wanted to pay a change fee they could help me. These flights were not until October 16, 2013 and there were at least two... More...
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  • worst customer service!

    I am one of orbitz agent, we sell their products on commission basis, We have been selling their products for almost one year, the commission has accumulated to 1800USD, but till now ,I only received 70USD commission. I have contacted them many times through email and tel, but they always say that they would hand it ASAP. I am believe this company is in financial crisis, just be careful. More...
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  • Orbitz.com does not honor their Low Price Guarantee/ Price Assurance

    I spent 45 minutes waiting to speak with an Orbitz supervisor, only to be told they were not going to honor the lower price I found on Expedia.com AND on their own website only five days after I had purchased my trip. I even had screenshots of the lower prices showing the exact same flight numbers/dates/airlines. Their guarantee is just a scam, and I am disappointed in the level of customer service received. I will make sure to learn from this and not do any further business with them. Calling their customer service line was clearly a waste of time. More...
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