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  • orbitz worst cuatomer service ever

    I bought two tickets to Madrid with Orbitz, even though they charge for the two they only book ONE with the airline. I realized that when I tried to look my bookings in the airline site. After HOURS on hold and several calls for three days, they "solve" the problem. In the middle of my trip I checked the return flights and they made the same mistake! I had to hire a virtual aassistant to help me solve my problem. orbitz response a $99 discount coupon! ORBITZ NEVER ever again. More...
    Rebebasa's Picture   Rebebasa    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz Misrepresents Properties to get your money

    I booked a hotel through an employers vacation website that was through Orbitz. The hotel was represented as being oceanfront with private beach and it was not. I wanted oceanfront for my 55th birthday and when I arrived and found it was not I called Orbitz. The representative refused to let me speak to a supervisor and they refused to refund even though they misrepresented the property on the website. I was forced to stay at the hotel even though it was nice it was not what I thought I booked. I called Orbitz on Tues following my stay to speak with a supervisor. After a long hold and a... More...
    pennysaver's Picture   pennysaver    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ali Emami

    I booked 4 return tickets with Orbitz website on the phone from Auckland, Newzealand to Sydney, Australia. I asked to make sure that the fares comes with a checked in luggage and a carry on which the person who I spoke with told me yes that is what each person can take. once I was checking in our luggage which they told us that we only can take up to 7 kg carry on from Auckland to Sydney but the return flight from Sydney to Auckland is fine. we had to pay an amount of $180 NZD Receipt number 24394801 More...
    aliemami's Picture   aliemami    0 Comments   Comments

    NEVER EVER AGAIN. these people will steal your money. they booked my hotel in the wrong country the hotels had similar names when I showed up to my hotel in Puerto Rico they had no record of my reservation and I had to pay to stay with them orbitz customer service is a complete joke. I was put on hold for hours talked to several different employees all promising me my money back. I was supposed to receive a call yesterday regarding my money of course that did not happen. they pretty much took my money and screwed me. tIT WAS there mistake telling me they have to talk to the hotel to get my... More...
    kevnell0519's Picture   kevnell0519    1 Comments   Comments
  • Searches never Finish on Orbitz

    With Expedia and Kayak I can search for airline flights just fine. With Orbitz, when I submit a search it goes to "Stand by ...Completing your request ...then eventually the search screen comes back with "Sorry, there was an error when processing your request. Please try again. I've tried using Chrome, Firefox, and IE. All have the same issue. Yet no other travel site has this problem. I even turned off my anti-tracking browser add-ons temporarily. More...
    HarryDeviln's Picture   HarryDeviln    1 Comments   Comments
  • frustrated from dealing with this website

    Don't book from this website i have been dealing with some websites like expedia for long time i didn't have any problems i had to use ORBITZ .com because they are cheaper than expedia they took the money for my reservation twice and the booking was not confirmed to them i had to keep calling customer services for 5 continuos hours calling from overseas and i didn't get any answer they kept transferring me over and over to hundreds of employees that thy didn't know what to do and they didn't do anything to help me with the correct booking i got frustrated and i... More...
    samar111's Picture   samar111    1 Comments   Comments
  • Broadway show ticket voucher not accepted

    RIDICULOUS!! Customer service is dreadful! I called multiple times over days to get a refund for tickets that we paid for in Aug for a Dec 22 Show in NYC for Wicked. ALWAYS did I get an operator who could not speak English. Always I found myself "on hold" for a very long time, while music BLARED in my ear. I MANY times had to re-tell my complaint. I could deal with different "supervisors" in the refund dept. I would get varied responses. I'd wait for a call back and never get one. I would ask customer service pointed questions which were "skirted"... More...
    OrbitzAl's Picture   OrbitzAl    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible experience

    My experience with Orbitz was TERRIBLE. The airline changed the flight, Orbitz was supposed to notify me, but I didn't receive anything from them. So I missed my international flight, and had to reschedule my connection flight. Luckily the airline (not Orbitz) was able to reschedule my international flight at no charge. The agent claims that Orbitz sent me a notification of the change in the flight, to my hotmail account registered on the Orbitz site. However, I did NOT receive that notification, and when I asked her to forward me the email they had sent, she said that she could not... More...
    hchiosso's Picture   hchiosso    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz Never Again

    ORBITZ NEVER again- UNDERHANDED and DISHONEST, Treating Customers with INEQUALITY Orbitz is an unethical company. Please do NOT EVER consider using them if you want a pleasant trip or experience. I purchased airline tickets for the first time with Orbitz, for a trip to Patagonia and Antarctica in Nov/Dec of 2014, and it will the very LAST time I will ever use them. While in Patagonia, I got word that our Antarctica trip was cancelled due to boat engine malfunction. Not our free choice. Not under our control. We had no need to go to Ushuaia, the port city from which we would have... More...
    consum's Picture   consum    1 Comments   Comments
  • orbitz.com

    To whom it may concern, I've been on hold with your customer service representative for over an hour now and since they can't help me or ocme up with a proper solution, I've resorted to writing to everyone single Orbitz email I can find, complaint blogs & websites until my problem is solved, and hopefully you can help me. I am so completely disappointed with Orbitz. I booked a flight through Orbitz because I would get, i was promised $100 off my hotel booking, but when I was ready to book my hotel suddenly the promo code was not valid anymore which is absurd, I... More...
    ellysnb's Picture   ellysnb    1 Comments   Comments
  • No any information about booked passenger during travelling

    I booked ticket for my mother through orbits.com. She travelled yesterday from Toronto to London. She has to travel from London to Doha and Doha to Ahmedabad. She has to reached at destination at 2.00 a.m but she didm;t reach there until 11 a.m. When I called to orbitz representative, she told me that I am unable to find out your mother, where she is, in which airlines she is travelling? How could I expect to buy next air line ticket from Orbitz, when it does;t know the passenger status during travelling , and unable to contact airlines ? she was unable to find out my mother's status.... More...
  • Misleading pricing

    I am looking to purchase tickets to India for travel in mid-December. I have been looking on Orbitz for some time. They have been showing the flight prices at 999.26 (return) for the dates I am looking at. I have been trying to purchase these tickets for the last 7 days. First the site was showing there were 4 tickets left at this price (on Nov 3). Today I can see the same tickets for the same price and it says there are 2 tickets left at this price. However if I go to purchase, there is a mysterious 'error' and it kicks me back to the Orbitz home page. This is happening for a few... More...
    buckeye9906's Picture   buckeye9906    1 Comments   Comments
  • Changed flight and was NEVER notified!

    I booked flights for our wedding in St. Lucia back in February of 2014. We realized one couple could no longer attend due to a medical reason. We were finally able to get American Airlines to transfer the flights to two other family members. When my brother in law was talking to his travel agent about it, she noticed that the flight we were supposed to be taking out of Pittsburgh at 6:30am and connecting in Miami to fly to St. Lucia was no longer available! The change was made on April 20th, 2014 and ORBITZ did NOT notify us of this change. I found out less than two months prior to the trip... More...
    JENAHOGE13's Picture   JENAHOGE13    2 Comments   Comments
  • Charge more for hotel room than the hotel does for regular customers!

    After booking a room at the Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, Co through Orbitz, I was charged $139.34 ($125.32 for the room plus taxes) for the night of 9/15/14. After checking out the next morning at the hotel, they ended up double charging me for the room and only charged me $109.99 for the night (total of $146.80 with room service). I have had the double charge removed by the Hotel Colorado. When I called Orbitz to ask why I was charged more through them than I would have been charged just walking into the hotel and asking for a room for that night, they told me that the $109.99 that... More...
    dhaws86's Picture   dhaws86    2 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz worst online flight booking company ever

    Worst online flight booking company ever. Booked a flight leaving at 10:30 am for me and my son and received the itinerary with a flight leaving at 6 am. They put my 7yr old son as the primary on the account and would not speak to me as I was not the primary. Really? I was transferred back into the system over 3 times. The automated system when I called in was choppy and not functioning properly. I had to call several different times just to get the system to work. When I finally got to speak with a representative I was told that the free cancelation did not exist even though it is... More...
    wburger77's Picture   wburger77    1 Comments   Comments
  • Refund for Malaysia Airline flight cancellation

    My husband and I booked our honeymoon flights on Malaysia Airlines via Orbitz. Following the MH17 disaster, Malaysia airlines issued a statement that people could cancel or postpone any upcoming flights through Dec 31,2024 if they did so before July 24, 2014 for a full refund even if tickets were non-refundable. We cancelled our flights on 7/21/14 and have been waiting to receive our refund of $3,898.60. I received an email yesterday from Orbitz saying that Malaysia Airlines denied our refund request. I called Orbitz customer service and after being on hold for 22 min I was connected to... More...
    Erinroe's Picture   Erinroe    1 Comments   Comments
  • drake inn motel on 402 murfreesboro place in nashvillie tn: rude staff

    I purchase a room through orbitz.i go in to check in, so the lady getting the paper work together in give me two sheets to sign.so as im about to sign my name I'm reading what im about to sign in as im doing that she snatch the paper from me. In im trying to explain that im reading what im signing. i just dont put my name on anything without reading it first. So she say im not suppose to read it. And start getting loud and rude. As im talking she talking over me and going say you can go some where else. I ask can i speak to a manger in she said she is the manger. I am highly pist... More...
  • Don't stand by lowest price guarantee

    I recently checked into a hotel that I had booked through Orbitz for $199.00 a night. The hotel quoted me a price of $159.00 and they said that is the rate that I would be charged. When I was charged $199.00 from Ortitz I was told that was the price at the time I booked and that is what they wouldn't meet the hotel price! I only reached customer service after 7 attempts where I was told no one was available to help me. No more ORBITZ-- next time I would call hotel directly. Have no idea what they mean by lowest price guarantee. I guess if they tell you a room is $1000.00 and you... More...
    Sandy1013's Picture   Sandy1013    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz is not a good business

    I booked a room for two nights. There were 4 colleagues staying in one room so we booked a large suite with 2 beds. Upon arriving at the hotel we were given a tiny room with one bed. The hotel blamed Orbitz for not ensuring the room we booked was available. When I called Orbitz of course they blamed the hotel for not holding the room. Orbitz would not refund the cost of the original room. They only offered a $20 off future booking coupon! That's absurd. I'll never book with them again. More...
    Jessmacias1's Picture   Jessmacias1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz, poor customer care

    Tried to book a cruise, flight, and hotel in a package deal. Was advised over the phone with Orbitz employee that I could not do that, that I had to book each separately. So I did, booked the cruise, hotel and then within an hour attempted to book the flight. During this one hour or less time the airfare went from $1060. to $1340. I called Orbitz back to complain about this, since when I booked the hotel on Orbitz there was a note that read, "book hotel and flight together and save up to $560." If they had booked these when I first called I would have gotten the lower... More...
    cart57's Picture   cart57    1 Comments   Comments
  • do not honor a reservation, customer service acnnot solve anything

    I have been booking several hotels using orbitz 1. I came to Midway UT to Zermatt 5* hotel they gave me cheaper room then I ordered from orbitz. they did not even had a room I ordered replying that room was not assigned correctly 2. My wife and 3 kids went to California next day and got into Best Western Oceanside INN hotel and manager kicked them out to a street not even letting them to check in orbitz never offered to solve an issue my first call to a customer service "agent does not know even where she works" figuratively she does not understand an issue even after repeating... More...
    georgepol's Picture   georgepol    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stranded in Quito because of Orbitz

    On our recent trip to Ecuador, I bought the following domestic route on Orbitz: Quito-Cuenca-Quito-Manta-Quito. The segments from-to Quito and Cuenca were fine. However, when we tried to get on the flight (July 29, 2014) from Quito to Manta, the carrier, Aerogal, now owned by Avianca, said we didn't even appear on the passenger list. The Aerogal agents that helped us couldn't find us on the list, no matter how many times or different ways they tried to locate our names or e-tickets. In the end, we had to buy the segment again at more than the original price we paid Orbitz. We sent... More...
    luisjuansolis's Picture   luisjuansolis    0 Comments   Comments
  • Purchase confirmed no confirmation received...NO FLIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    The customer service center is laughable. Not only are they unresponsive to any questions they have zero knowledge about their own polices. BEWARE with your credit card information. DO NOT authorize any charges because they will not confirm a flight. After 3 phone calls and 2 hours of my life, nothing was resolved. I heard more home alone and wedding march hold music than any answers to my questions and concerns. First my frustrations began when trying to book a simple domestic round trip flight online. When I needed to contact someone directly since I did not receive an email with my... More...
  • Orbitz- Did not honor the reservation

    Recently we booked a hotel room in Miluakee, WI and upon our late arrival we were notified by the front desk that the room was occupied and had been occupied at the time of our reservation. Granted, we had booked the room earlier that day, and we do understand that mistakes happen. However, as soon as the front desk at the Hilton realized the mistake that Orbitz had made, early that afternoon, they called them and requested that Hilton be given a number to call to inform us of the mistake. Due to Orbitz policy they were not authorized to give out our number and instead promised that they... More...
    carmichk's Picture   carmichk    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz: Impossible phone service and lack of response on an important safety issue

    A month ago I booked a flight on Turkish Airlines with a stopover in Istanbul. After a series of nearly 2000 rockets launched against Israel and harsh anti-Semitic comments by the PM of Turkey ("Israel is worse than Nazi German") and riots during which our embassy was attacked our Foreign Ministry urged Israelis to not travel to Turkey because of the risk involved. I have been trying to change my ticket for three days through Orbitz. I have been on international long distance calls with Orbitz for more than four hours. I have been cut off, given incorrect information and found... More...
    steve39's Picture   steve39    1 Comments   Comments

    DO NOT BOOK WITH ORBITZ, their customer service (CS) is nonexistent, once they take your money you are out of luck if the situation changes or you have any issues completing your travel. This is from experience. My husband and I had booked a flight from NYC to Tel Aviv to visit the holy cities at the end of July and now due to the conflict between Israel and Gaza, we were warned by the embassy to cancel our arrangements and my husband could not get the visa. Once we found out we immediately tried to contact Orbitz CS (about a month before we were scheduled to travel) and they told us that... More...
    tcasi10085's Picture   tcasi10085    2 Comments   Comments
  • Hampton Inn Denver-International Airport

    Had a confirmed reservation for a handicap room (late arrival) that was not honored. Reservation was made 2 weeks in advance. I am a Hilton Honors member and that made no difference. 1:30 a.m. before I was shuttled to another more expensive hotel that did not have a handicap room available - Disabled vet husband was not able to use the shower or go to the bathroom unaided. The clerk stated that my reservation had been canceled because my card was not valid (untrue) and that I had been notified/ contacted (untrue). More...
    Tero's Picture   Tero    1 Comments   Comments
  • Mystery fees

    Booked flights with Orbitz (Jet Blue) for a business trip which cost $688.00. I was forced to change my return flight to a day earlier, and received a receipt via e-mail with "Total due at booking, $915.00" this is expensive, but I had to change so i'm okay with it. Making a change like this, one would expect some sort of nominal fee for a change, and in Orbitz terms and conditions it says a $30.00 change fee. Again, i'm okay with that. Here is the problem: My credit card statement shows up and when I add up the total charges I come up with $1095.00, which is $150.00... More...
    micmaynard's Picture   micmaynard    1 Comments   Comments
  • uncorrected mistakes

    I have been sold a flight by Orbitz World Wide that has a transfer time under the required minimum recommended by the airline - Jet Airways - in Mumbai. The transfer time is 1 hour (half an hour under the required minimum). Orbitz World Wide is taking no responsibility for this mistake. Response By Email (Maria) (06/25/2014 09:07 PM) Dear Lehani, Thanks for your e-mail. I understand that you would like to make changes to your flight free of charge because your ticket does not have the minimum connecting time recommended by Jet Airways. At this point Lehani, we are unable to accept email... More...
    Lehanii's Picture   Lehanii    1 Comments   Comments
  • Never book Orbitz

    Do not book group flights with Orbitz!!! we had confirmed our flights several days in advance and arrived early to the airport the day of departure. We were told that our tickets didn't exist, had to rebook through the airline, then our baggage was lost. on the return flight, we made it through security and got to the gate tofind out that our tickets weren't paid for....we paid for them three months ago. Orbitz has been zero help in resolving this issue, and has led us in circles regarding our tickets and iteneraries. DO NOT USE. More...
    angryredhead's Picture   angryredhead    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz hung us out to dry (family of 8)

    We got shafted by Fiji Airways in Australia...unfortunately the 8 grand we paid to Orbitz for tickets didn't mean jack...they could have got us a direct flight that would have solved everything, but instead hid behind Fiji Airways and said, "So sorry, we can't do anything to help you guys."...right. Here we are a family of 8 and stuck traversing the continent of Australia only because they would 'fix' the situation. Very disappointing in a this big time travel company. More...
    BrandonBuser's Picture   BrandonBuser    0 Comments   Comments
  • False advertising

    I purchased tickets online and I got a "thank you" for my purchase, but no confirmation. I contacted Orbitz customer service and found put that just as I purchased it the price went up $50! Seemed like a convenient coincident for them....or false advertising...??? Anyway, they didn't even offer some kind of refund or anything for the unfortunate incident and it taking an hour to get it all worked out and purchase new tickets at the higher price. If they are known for good customer service then I would expect some sort of refund or something. Never to use the site again! Margaret More...
    QBee's Picture   QBee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Hotel Ever

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I reserved a hotel through Orbitz and paid $205.24 for 3 days in San Antonio. As i arrived to check in, the hotel look deserted. I went with my friends to check in, i asked the clerk to show me the room because i had a bad vibe from the beginning. She took me to show me the room, and she said "the room has not been cleaned for 3 months." As she opened the room, there was bugs, mold, dust and even spiders all over the place. I simply turn my back and said i do not want the room. I called Orbitz to refund me my money stating what had happened. After staying on the phone for about 2... More...
    kalachraf's Picture   kalachraf    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz Failure to Compensate

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. We are a group of 5 and we booked via Orbitz on Alitalia a multiple destination trip. We were shocked to discover by mere coincidence, only TWO days before travelling that Alitalia cancelled the flight and placed us in another one which reaches the destination late at night instead of morning (as was the case in our original booking)! Of course, we rejected the option of reaching our destination at night (it ruins the whole day) and at the same time Alitalia had no other flight options on that day. We had two solutions: Either we accept the bitter reality and remain in this late-night... More...
    bibo123's Picture   bibo123    1 Comments   Comments
  • Orbitz Hawaiian Airline Booking

    My reservations for interisland travel was made in January. In March, I was told that my booked flight needed to be changed. Time added to airline wait time from Honolulu to Lihue was 4 hours instead of the original 1 1/2 hour, and another 4 hours from Lihue back to Honolulu a couple days later. Essentially, we lost a full day of our 5 day vacation because of reservations made throught Orbitz. Never again:( More...
  • Refused to offer me another flight day even with insurance

    Orbits is TERRIBLE and RUINED my 16 year reunion with my love, they refused to help me switch my flight dates instead I was forced to cancel and go through their insurance claims dep who want person medical information that has nothing to do with why I couldn't be accommodated. Four hours on the phone shuffled between the CRAP airline Spirits these people are RUDE. I will never do business with ORBITS again and my LOVE has major pull in Orlando and is putting out a "don't use Orbits waring " maybe people will learn how the RIGHT way to do business is ... More...
  • orbitz canceled my reservation and now im on the street at 7 weeks prego

    I booked a hotel room on obritz for 26 days and the first night i checked in they went and canceled my reservation. i am now pregnant and maybe forced to find another place to sleep because they said they refunded to my bank account but it will take 5 days so i asked when the said the money will be back on may 16. this is bull shit i paid 1420.00 all of my money because i couldn't get into a home and now I'm broke and being put in the street, with a unborn child and two dogs. i will never use orbitz again simple and i don't advise anyone else to either. More...
    baby0891's Picture   baby0891    1 Comments   Comments
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