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  • Orbitz is a scum

    Hi everyone I would like to share my unpleasant experience renting a car in Sicily. I booked a car from Orbitz and they offered me around USD 110 for four days, included insurance. At the office of Budget-Avis I was assured by the lady on the counter several times that EUR 235 is a deposit in case of theft and damage, which is refundable upon return of the car. After that I discovered that the whole amount has been deducted from my card. There was no adequate response to my claim and they don%u2019t pick up the phone. I would never trust Orbitz and Budget-Avis with my credit card any more.... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
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  • Does not back price guarantee

    I have sent numerous screen shots of the lower price. I have talked to numerous customer service agents. I have spent so much of my own personal time in order to get my price guarantee and yet Orbitz continually denies my claim giving excuse after excuse. I have taken 10 screen shots of every page I can possible shoot and the company still refuses to acknowledge the lower price. This company is a scam and they are crooks. I will never use their service. More...
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  • From tranquility to disheartened

    I booked a flight through Orbitz 4 months in advance. We got to our destination with effortless anxiety. However, the return flight not so effortless. I started our check-in process online 8 hours before departure, when I realized that there was no boarding pass to print, I called directly to the airline who knew nothing about our return flight. I became concerned, he then said he see that we are to leave in another two days. Wrong:( That is when my stress free vacation ended, it just went downhill from there. I called Orbitz through whom I booked the flight, and listened to the prompt,... More...
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  • Clarion Hotel Airport & Conference Center Charlotte stay was a nightmare!

    My husband and I booked a room through Orbitz for one night, October 25th, 2016. We arrived at 10:00, very hungry, and were told the bar was still serving food. We went their immediately and sat down. Sat there twenty minutes, completely ignored. Got up and left. But that was just the beginning. At about 2:00 am my husband could not sleep and went downstairs to use the computer. He was stuck in the elevator for 22 minutes, constantly ringing the alarm. He got no response for 22 minutes. He was terrified. Finally the security guard responded and get the elevator moving. When he walked out,... More...
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  • Disappointed

    I booked a return flight from Philly to LA from Orbitz - Customer Support (toll free number) . I was traveling with my wife and my 3 year old daughter and booked three seats. There was a layover in Euston while going and had a direct return flight (Total three flights). In all three flights they booked three seats in three different corner of the flight. My 3 year old was in front rows, my wife was in middle rows and mine was in last rows. I can understand if this happens in one flight but it is difficult to digest when it happened in all three flights. Luckily, i was able to manage to get... More...
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  • Not so Merry Christmas.

    So I booked a ticket from Bangkok to San Francisco over the holidays through Orbitz because normally I am fine with the site and like being able to select my seat in advance. However, while looking at my booking two days later, I decided to see if the price moved up as every other website had predicted. It had actually gone down by over 250 dollars. Same airline, same flight, same code. The only difference being the lower price ticket was non-refundable. The ticket I purchased was refundable but it carried with a 150 dollar fee so it's kind of redundant to have the policy anyway.... More...
  • Orbitz customer service stinks!!!!

    I booked a family trip to Aruba on orbitz for three adults and a child. I wanted to make sure there was two queen size beds in the room, as an option was for one king and a pull out which would not work well for us. I called Orbitz to make my request. I was on hold for 15 minutes. When an operator finally came on she immediately transferred me to another line where I waited an additional 8 minutes. The girl that came on was nearly impossible to understand and was of ZERO help to me. She said she could not help me at this time and I should call back tomorrow ( and waste another 30 minutes of... More...
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  • They are more expensive-even on packages-Dont use them!!

    I booked a vacation package from nyc to orlando. Two days later, If i would have booked seperate from the direct sites it would have been cheaper. For example, I checked for the hotel only and it was cheaper at almost any other site. And jetblue direct had a flight that would have worked better for $50 less a person. Also they did not give me all options on flights even when I checked off that I want to see surrounding airports. They refuse to do anything for me. The deceive everyone into thinking they have good deals and are reliable. They are not. And their policies are not worth... More...
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  • texts

    I received two different texts that misinformed me about my flights. First one told me a flight was cancelled when it wasn't. Second one told me that there was a gate change made for my flight and that also wasn't true. Is someone just amusing themselves by sending them out for fun and then lauging at the very confused reaction that I get? More...
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  • overcharged me

    i booked a hotel on orbitz.com jan 29,2012 for 59.99 for room total 67.25..reservstion date for feb 4,2012..my card was charged and the following day. at check-in the printed me a receipt for 51.99. orbits overcharged me by $8 for the room. when i called in to let them know the (foreign) lady hung up on me. $8 is not thst serious so im not calling back. but orbitz doesnt hold up to their "price match" gurantee More...
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  • Double internal booking

    I booked and received tickets on Virgin-Atlantic to Europe via Orbitz. I went to VA website with my airline record locator and signed in with out any glitches. When I attempted to sign on VA website a second time, VA would not recogize the airline record locator. An email from a VA rep in addition to a VA phone rep informed me that Orbitz some how had a double internal booking on one leg of the trip. They booked the segments out of order. Basically to VA it is a mess. Orbitz has to correct their error in order for me to access my booking on the VA website. I called Orbitz and they say... More...
  • Pathetic Orbitz service

    We bought flights, hotel reservation and rental car for a trip to San Francisco for three. The flight went well, both ways, the car rental was fine, but when we arrived at the hotel (Ramada SF-Airport, San Mateo), they claimed not to have received the registration and tried to move us to a location much further away from SF. We ended up for hours on the phone with Orbitz and all they offered to help was to get another hotel with us paying the difference that was much higher than what we had seen earlier on their site. Ramada did not want to refund us despite the fact that they didn't... More...

    This was originally booked as a package. I was mislead from the beginning of changing this reservationdue to cdc advisory not travel to Mexico. I was left with no other choice but to pay the extra amount. This was originally booked as a package rate. When I go on orbitz and put in these dates and stay at the hotel with same flights and promo code it is a total of $243 less that what I am paying now. Also the continental flight is $699.40 on Continental website same class, economy which you are chargin me $1048. I was originally told on May 4th by Orbitz there would not be... More...
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