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Orbitz.com Complaint - bad customer service - Orbitz customer service
Orbitz.com Complaint

Orbitz.com Complaint


bad customer service - Orbitz customer service

This is a copy of a comment I left for the CEO of Orbitz:

Mr. Harford, CEO of Orbitz,

I have a serious problem with your company. I had previously purchased a ticket for use in November of 2008, however was unable to make my trip. I called your company who assured me that I would be able to use the credit to purchase another ticket with the same airline if I used it by September of 2009.

Two days ago on February, Friday 13, 2009 I called and booked a flight from Anchorage Alaska to San Francisco through Salt Lake city and back, paying the difference in the ticket cost and other associated fees at that time.

I got the flight booked and even picked seats for the flight and was assured an itinerary would be sent out at once so I could make arrangements with other parties I need to contact in San Francisco. Upon checking my email the next

day I noticed the itinerary was still not there, so I called again and was assured the flight was booked, and that the itinerary would be sent out as soon as your customer service rep hung up on their end of the phone.

Well, I went about my business trusting that your service reps would be true to their word, however I later checked once more, and it was still not there so I called again and was assured that by Sunday morning it would be in my email. Sunday arrived and still no email from Orbitz. Sunday the 15th is the day I was supposed to contact several people in the San Francisco area in order to make arrangements for specialized equipment related to my visit to the area. I called a total of four times on the evening of the 15th with the following results.

Call #1 - I was told that there was a ticket but that the ticked had not been fully booked. (How is that possible? I also had a very difficult time understanding the very heavy accent on the other end of the line as well as problems with the phone lines cutting in and out.) As I was trying to sort out the problem I was hung up on.

Call #2 - I was referred to three different people, none of who I could understand well, who informed me that there was a ticked booked, but that it takes up to 48 hours for me to get an itinerary. I explained that I had been waiting for 48 hours. Then your representatives tried to tell me that my email account was not working, the very same email account that I had just been reading recently received emails on. I assured her that my email was working, but also when I commented to my wife that I was no longer going to do business with your company in the future, I was then abruptly hung up on by her.

Call #3 - I was told by another customer service rep that I could barely understand or hear due to bad phone lines, that now there was no ticket on my record at all. And that there was no record of me booking a flight. I asked to speak to a supervisor, whereupon I waited on hold for ten minutes and was hung up on before being able to speak to one.

Call #4 - My wife actually made this call as by this time I was in no mood to deal with the substandard customer service and mistreatment I had received thus far. She called the number provided on your website, asked for a customer service supervisor and had been held on hold for over an hour with no one even coming on to the phone lines to tell her that she will be taken care of sometime in the near future. When someone finally came on the phone my wife was informed by "Corrine" that the itinerary

was posted on a third party site not even affiliated with Orbitz, which I had not been informed of, by either your companies website

or your customer service representatives which I had tried to deal with previously.

There had been no attempt to solve the small problem I had originally by your regular customer service representatives, which, was just wanting a copy of my flight itinerary. And the fact that my Itinerary was posted to a third party website without my knowledge or permission is inexcusable. I am beyond incensed at my treatment by your company, your lack of accountability for your poor customer service and to be sure that this is not something that happens to others I will be posting copies of this message to you, the CEO of Orbitz to the local and National Better Business Bureaus, as well as all of the many sites now available on the internet which detail your companies long history of substandard customer care and lack of business ethics.

Should you care to respond to my complaints you may do so at EVBranscum@yahoo.com

Rest assured however that whatever you send will be forwarded to all my friends, acquaintances, business relationships and again to the many websites which have detailed your companies history of bad business practices toward your customers.

Edgar V. Branscum

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shaukat says: (4 years ago)
Horrible service. Booked first class ticket and checked with airline and it was business class.

MOMNELLI says: (10 years ago)
This was originally booked as a package.

I was mislead from the beginning of changing this reservationdue to cdc advisory not travel to Mexico. I was left with no other choice but to pay the extra amount. This was originally booked as a package rate.

When I go on orbitz and put in these dates and stay at the hotel with same flights and promo code it is a total of $243 less that what I am paying now. Also the continental flight is $699.40 on Continental website same class, economy which you are chargin me $1048.

I was originally told on May 4th by Orbitz there would not be any additional charges . I have spent more time and effort on this than was necessary. Time was running out as we were to leave on May 10th and I had to get this resolved today. Since the flight had already been changed due to Orbitz advise.

I would appreciate you forwarding this to your customer relations department supervisor as I feel this was unfair consumer practices by Orbitz and they should have accommodated me with some if not all of the extra cost. I did everything I was told to do by Orbitz. Which was contacting Continental and changing the flight dates which Continental did and forwarded to Orbitz and Orbitz was going to change the hotel for the dates. I also said to your Orbitz representative," now you are sure and he told me yes, I (Orbitz representative)have confirmed this with the hotel and all he needed to do was to send a fax. I checked a day later to see my flight had been change but not my hotel . So again, I called and I was even told in a conversation with another supervisor of Orbitz on May 5th that it was not my error and that he could get it resolved . Then he proceded to tell me Orbitz would pay part of the additional due if they could not resolve this with the hotel and that the most I would have to pay would be $200. He told me it would take him a day to get this done and that he worked nights and would call me back on May 7th. I waited til 10:30 at night on May 7th and I never received a phone call. I called back to Orbitz since I still did not have this issue resolved. While I was on a lengthy hold again, (20 minutes) a call came thru my cell phone. Imagine that, it was the night supervisor calling me and leaving a message. I still have all the call logs and phone message conversations. I did not click over in fear of losing the call and waiting on hold again.

I was told again there was nothing Orbitz could do but to call back during the day time hours when they could call the hotel.

After hanging up I listened to the ridiculous message (which I still have ) telling me all I could do was change my dates for the hotel to honor this price. Well how much sense did that make when I already had my flight changed as instructed to do so by Orbitz. Why would I have my flight and hotel on different dates, what kind of a solution was that?

I again called Orbitz back and got hung up on and was told she didn't care if I stayed on hold until Morning.

Thru this entire process I have been trying to be patient. I feel Orbitz to make this transaction fair owes me a refund.

Also, how do I check this reservation with the hotel since now you tell me it will not be on Orbitz trip website?

I do not want to get to Ixtapa and have some more outragious issue saying I owe more money.


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